Chicago White Papers

Why Coastlines and People?

A Vision for CoPe HUBs (PDF)

Beyond the Instrumental: Improving Predictions of Future Coastal Change that Inform Decision Making (PDF)

Coastal Action Research Organizations Utilizing Scientific Equity Liaisons (CAROUSEL): The Incubator Hub Model (PDF)

Catastrophic Geo-Events: Instrument Arrays, Forecasting and Response (PDF)

The Data Hub (PDF)

The Coastal Hub-Net Ecosystem (PDF)

CoPe Academy: A Combined Research Support Academy & Long Term Social Research Program (PDF)

Grand Challenge: A framework for addressing the coevolution of physical, ecological and human systems in coastal environments (PDF)

National Science Foundation CoPe Hub Network Initiative (PDF)

Engaged, not embedded: Hubs as transformative forces that integrate people and science through long-term engagement (PDF)

Increase Social Justice by Quantifying Resilience with Broad Community Participation (PDF)

Moving from Participation to Partnerships: Approach to Coastal Community Science (PDF)

Regional spatial framework to support coupled human-natural systems for decision-making (PDF)

Broadening Participation - Equity (PDF)

CoPe Recommendation: Scalable Research for Coastal Communities (PDF)

Science to Enable Holistic Resilience in Dynamic Coastal Environments (PDF)

Social Dynamics of Flood Hazard Zone Development and Retreat: How Physical Scientists, Engineers, and Social Scientists Can Assess and Remedy Imperfections (PDF)

Stopping the Leak: Consulting Gig Scientists to Plug the “Leaky Pipeline” and Increase Community Access to Experts (PDF)

Addressing Structural Barriers to Diversity in Science (PDF)

The Hub: Driving Actions and Providing Opportunities (PDF)

Thematic Hubs (PDF)