San Diego White Papers

Why Coastlines and People?

Recommendation: Hubs should incorporate multiple boundary-spanningfunctions (PDF)

Community-Based Participatory Research Hub (CBPR Hub) (PDF)

Envisioning Coastal Hubs: Identifying Climate Driven Stressors to Inform Coastal Systems Responses & Adaptation (PDF)

Co-developing Visualizations for Dialogue, Deliberation, and Decision (PDF)

Coasts in Context: linkages across inland and offshore (PDF)

CoPe Nodes: Enhancing Coastal Resilience through Community- Driven Research and Education (PDF)

Research Integration of Science and Engineering: Technology Innovation & Data Engagement (RISE TIDE) (PDF)

CSP: Connecting Science and People (PDF)

HUB for Science of Episodic and Extreme Events (PDF)

Island Innovation Incubator (PDF)

Leverage, Leverage, Leverage (Logically Engaging Virtually Every Real Alliance, Group and Entity) (PDF)

Leveraging Collective Impacts (PDF)

LinCCCS - Linking Convergent Complex Coastal Systems (PDF)

Moving Beyond The Bathtub Model: Physical, Biological, & Human Responses to Sea Level Rise (PDF)

New technologies for high resolution coastal data collection (PDF)

Public Participation for Actionable Science (PDF)

Relational Poverty: Coastal events and precarious human populations (PDF)

The Science of Extreme Events: Research, Monitoring, and Mitigation of Coastal Natural Hazards (PDF)

The Future of Extremes Redefining Coastal Extremes with an Impact Focus (PDF)

Identifying Tipping Points Across Biological, Physical, and Social Systems (PDF)

UÜBER* Hub of Innovation (PDF)

Welcoming the Water: Adapting to “The Life Aquatic” (PDF)